Take Control of Your Campus

Take Control of Your Campus

GateWorks is a Visitor Management and Assigned Parking Solution designed to easily manage all your security and Parking requirements.

Product Features

Track and manage all visitor passes and assigned parking with GateWorks. Key features and benefits include:
GateWorks Intuitive Design

Powerful Features, Intuitive Design

You need a reliable, innovative and effective software to manage your companies parking and visitor flows. You want an integrated system that allows to easily track, monitor and change where people park and have access to. GateWorks accomplishes all of this with a powerful yet easy to use system designed to ensure the security of your campus and lots.
GateWorks Manages Visitors

GateWorks Manages Your Visitors

Easily track every visitor coming in and out of your campus with GateWorks. Passes can be easily created for specific events and projects as well as general staff and employees. Restricted access settings and banned personnel lists ensure safety and security.
GateWorks Manages Parking

GateWorks Manages Your Parking

Manage your campus lots and parking structure sub-sections with custom space assignments, Vehicle Registration with built in decal allocation and renewal process, Parking Citations and billing features.

GateWorks Mobile

GateWorks Mobile allows you to access and manage your entire visitor pass and assigned parking database through approved mobile devices. This provides real-time information for your entire security staff in the palms of their hands.

GateWorks Hardware

GateWorks offers support hardware that will help your security team to efficiently and immediately access visitor databases, scan and verify IDs, print passes and citations, and stay in constant communication for a more secure lot.


GateWorks visitor and parking management software is utilized in the following industries:
Sony Pictures Studios
Warner Bros.

Office Buildings

Theme Parks

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Film & Television Studios

Warner Bros.

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To learn more about Database Works and our custom software solutions, please request a demo. We’ll be glad to show you how our systems can streamline your data, campus security and inventory management operations.